Your hometown needs you.

Yet, all but two counties outside of the Minnesota metro areas saw an out-migration of 24-29 year olds between 2000-2010.

While a growing movement of Brain Gain is underway, the problems that our rural & economically distressed urban communities are facing in Minnesota are immense - and urgent. The next generation of dynamic, diverse leaders are needed now more than ever to tackle our communities' toughest challenges.

In a time of severe national polarization, there is no better place to serve as the testing ground for community renewal than at the local level. Especially in places where the narrative means leaving and never coming back. 

Our society's root problem is one of disconnection from place and community. 

We see homecoming - however one defines "home" - as renewing this connection between person, land, and community. Person by person, community by community - we are building a movement of change-makers to renew the connections in both our relationships and our institutions.


Locally-rooted, systems-oriented.

We all need home.

Our Beliefs


Proximity. Our challenges are best addressed by those who are, and have been, closest to the problem.


Public Institutions. There is no substitute for government and democratic institutions.


Representative Leadership. Institutions work best when they reflect the communities they serve. 


Resilient Togetherness. We choose to show that another way of living, rooted in love and community, is possible.