Fellows at Changemaker Summit talent show

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If you had a magic wand, what is one thing you would do to transform your community?


Our team works with you to craft a locally-generated project scope. We have experience bringing multiple stakeholders together and facilitating workshops to build collaborative projects to best utilize a Fellow. While every host is expected to have some “skin in the game” via a financial or in-kind contribution, we work with you to develop a funding/cost-share plan that is tailored to your local community’s unique financial assets and situation. Our goal is to connect outstanding young talent to their rural, tribal, and economically distressed urban communities; because of this, we know that financing must be flexible and creative, and project scopes must be locally-generated. We are nimble and we make it work. 

To host a Fellow, the first step is to fill out this Interest Survey


National Hometown Fellows in Boston for Catalyst Institute

National Hometown Fellows at Tufts Loj during Catalyst Institute

Become A Fellow

Catalytic. Caring. Innovative. Entrepreneurial. Committed to a life of integrity and service.


Lead for Minnesota Fellows embody these qualities, and seek the pathway, national network, relational foundation, and education necessary to re-invest themselves in the communities or state they call “home.” This is not a two-year transactional fellowship, but rather, a deeply immersive and transformative commitment to cultivating one’s own leadership -- personally and practically -- in service of Minnesota communities. 


As a Fellow, you will be working with visionary changemakers in your community, tackling some of the most pressing challenges your community is facing. You will be trained by leading experts and mentors nationally and across different regions of Minnesota, building your capacity to envision and act upon locally-rooted, systems-oriented change. You will be channeling your lived experiences, education, social network, and most crucially - your hope for possibility - in service of your community. You will be connected to a life-long network of friendships with our country’s brightest locally-rooted young leaders from across the country -- embarking on this movement of “homecoming” together.

If you are a recent college graduate (two-year or four-year), between the ages of 20-35, and excited by this call to service in Minnesota, then click here to learn more about the Fellowship and apply today.

Fellows at summer training

For Students

If you’re still in school, but eager to get involved in Lead for Minnesota, there are many opportunities to be part of the movement and LFA ecosystem. You can start a Lead for America college chapter, organize and participate in a public policy case competition called GovChallenge, spend a summer interning in your hometown community, or apply to be an intern for Lead for Minnesota! For opportunities to get involved as a student, email Reed Shafer-Ray at reed.shaferray@lead4america.org.

National Hometown Fellows 

Fellows at Catalyst Institute '19

Catalyst Institute 2019

Join Staff

As the newest state affiliate of Lead for America, LFMN is quickly growing and looking to hire on senior level staff based in Minnesota to craft the future and lead implementation of Lead for Minnesota. We are looking for candidates called to our mission, eager to co-create, and excited to be part of an entrepreneurial team. Candidates with experience in operations, finance, program management, development, and communications/PR are strongly encouraged to apply. 



We are committed to serving rural, tribal, and economically distressed urban communities.


We realize, however, that these are also the most financially-strapped places that would be unable to host a Fellow without additional support. With support from donors like you, we can reach Minnesota communities that are most often the hardest to reach, and connect them with the transformative talent they deserve to chart the next chapter of their community. Your donation also supports the financial accessibility of the fellowship, increasing the diversity of leaders able to participate and return home. 

Travis Ghirdarharie, Hometown Fellow '19