LFA Fellows at Changemaker Summit


Lead For Minnesota Fellows

... are the next generation of Minnesota's locally-rooted, systems-oriented changemakers. LFMN Fellows return to their hometown, region, or state to strengthen our public institutions, revitalize our local communities, and cultivate the next bench of transformational civic leaders. They bring added capacity to resource-strapped communities - particularly rural, tribal, and economically distressed urban neighborhoods - often working at the intersection of key "magic wand" interventions that, with added capacity and talent, would transform the community.

We look for Fellows who are committed to building a more just, prosperous, and caring Minnesota for all. Who are eager to build a relational foundation of care to drive their service in Minnesota communities. Who are inspired to plan from the future. Who see their communities from places of abundance over scarcity. Who are ready to catalyze change. Who have a genuine excitement to co-create and be part of a larger movement of "homecoming" - particularly to places where the narrative of success so often means "leaving and never coming back."

This AmeriCorps program has a fearless vision: A more unified Minnesota, built upon communities that care. As a state affiliate of Lead for America, Lead For Minnesota is working toward that vision by offering paid, two-year AmeriCorps fellowships to college graduates who want to return to their hometowns, regions, or states to help strengthen local government, nonprofits, and community-based organizations. Ultimately, we hope to help revitalize communities and launch the next generation of civic leaders. Fellows bring their talents and enthusiasm to rural and tribal communities as well as economically distressed urban neighborhoods.


Meet the 2020 Fellows

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